Project #1 What's for Lunch?

Mrs. Yollis' Class

In this project, Mrs Yollis' class
and Miss McGeady's class compare what is in their lunchboxes.

A couple of times each week we will post photos and a description of an American student's lunchbox and an Australian student's lunchbox.

Through completing this project we hope to answer some of the following questions
  • What foods are popular in both American and Australian lunchboxes?
  • What foods are unique to American or Australian lunchboxes?
  • Which country's lunchboxes include more fruits and vegetables?
  • Do any lunchboxes include food from all five food groups?
  • What foods can be purchase from a school canteen/cafeteria? 
  • Where do the students eat their lunch and at what time is it eaten?
  • What sort of packaging and lunchboxes do the students use?