Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Holidays from 2KM

Today is the last day of Term One for 2KM. We have two weeks holidays and will be back on Monday 12th April.

Happy Easter everyone from Miss McGeady and 2KM!

Leave a comment! Do you celebrate Easter? What do you do?


  1. Dear Miss McGeady,

    I really like your Bunny ears! They are quite festive.

    Yes, our family celebrates Easter. We like to color Easter eggs, go on Easter egg hunts, and get together with family. My children like to eat all the Easter candy. I must admit, I like to eat it as well!

    Enjoy your vacation!

    (Kendall's mom)

  2. Dear Miss McGeady,

    You are one lucky bunny! Look at all your delicious goodies!

    We have one more week here at school, and then we are going on our Spring Break. We only have ONE week off! :-(

    Enjoy your time off!

    Your friends,
    Mrs. Yollis and class

  3. Dear Miss McGeady,

    I like your bunny ears they are so cute! Spring Break will begin soon for us. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday break.

    Best wishes,
    Jollene :)

  4. Dear Jollene,
    Our holiday break is called the Easter break.
    In Austraila we have Easter in autumn.

    From Your Friend Zoe