Tuesday, April 27, 2010

America: Ayush's Lunch

I have a healthy ham sandwich, some ripe juicy strawberries, and some refreshing Gatorade!

How do you like my lunch?


  1. Dear Ayush,

    You have an interesting lunch and we liked hearing about it.

    What does namascar mean? We looked on Google but we weren't too sure. Is it Indian for hello?

    We think you have 3 food groups which is great! You have fruit, grains/cereals and meat.

    Your friends,
    2KM and Miss McGeady

  2. Dear Ayush,

    Your lunch sounds like a bowl of ice cream. Ben had ham in his lunch today. Those strawberries look really good too because they are juicy.

    What flavor of Gatorade was it? Our favorite Gatorade flavor is grape. What was your favorite part about your delicious lunch?

    Ben, Nick, and Sydney