Thursday, April 29, 2010

America: Caleb's Lunch

Ia ora na  (Yur•ona) That's hello in Tahitian!

My name is Caleb. In my lunch I have Cheez-It crackers, graham crackers, a Fruit-by-the-foot snack, yogurt, and my favorite chow mein noodles from Pick-up Sticks.

How do you like my lunch?


  1. Dear Caleb,

    I like your healthy lunch!

    Yes, we do have chow mein except it has rice, meant, cabbage and carrot.

    What is Cheez-It crackers and Fruit-by-the-foot snack?

    Keep blogging!
    Your blogging buddy,
    Jacob :-)

  2. Dear Caleb,
    What are fruit by the foot snack?
    I have never had scooby snacks before are they
    nice. What are Cheez it crackes?
    your friends Brooke and Rhiannon.

  3. Dear Caleb,

    We love the Cheez-It , and fruit roll ups. Your lunch is fantastic and healthy, too. What is your favorite snack in your lunch?

    Your pals,
    Aaliyah and Jollene :)