Wednesday, April 21, 2010

America: Gal's Lunch

In Gal's lunch is a healthy turkey sandwich with lettuce, cheesy goldfish crackers, juicy orange sixths, and a water to drink. Joey is enjoying a cracker as well!

How many food groups does Gal have in her lunch?
(fruit, vegetables, grains/cereals, dairy, meat/protein)
Leave a comment and tell us!


  1. Dear Gal,

    2KM would like to know - is Gal short for something? It is a great name and one we had not heard of before we met you!

    We loved looking at your lunch and talking about all the different food groups you had. We thought you had....

    VEGETABLES - lettuce
    FRUIT - oranges
    CEREALS/GRAINS - bread and crackers
    MEAT - turkey that means the only food group that wasn't in your lunch is dairy!

    What a great lunch.

    We all laughed when we saw you had goldfish crackers! We have not heard of them before and we hope they are not made from goldfish! :-)

    Your friends,
    Miss McGeady and 2KM

  2. Dear 2KM,

    Thank you so much for writing such a great comment.I will also like to thank you for the compliment about my name. You asked if my name is short for something. It is not, my name means wave like in the ocean in hebrew. I was very suprised when you said that you have never heard of goldfish crackers. They are very popular in the U.S., and do not worry they are not made out of real goldfish.


  3. Dear Gal,

    What terrific lunch you have! I just want to grab it and take a bite! You are always a very thoughtful person and so I was not surprised that you shared your lunch with Joey.

    What other kinds of meat/protein sandwiches do you like? Turkey is one of my favorites!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis

  4. Dear Gal,

    I LOVE your delicious lunch. (especially the turkey) Goldfish, turkey, oranges are all foods I like, and I have at least one of them every day when I get home. What will Joey do with the cracker, eat it, or drop it? What will you bring next time in your lunch?


  5. Dear Gal,

    Your lunch looks very nutritious. My favorite part probably is the sandwich. The reason why the sandwich is my favorite is because I love turkey and lettuce.

    Your buddy,

  6. Dear Gal,

    Your lunch sounds mouthwatering! I love goldfish. Do you know about colored goldfish? I prefer regular. How about you?


  7. Dear Gal,

    We really enjoyed listening to you describing your scrumptious lunch.

    Your sandwich is Kayla's favorite part of your lunch. Your oranges are Jaxon's favorite part of your lunch.

    Kayla and Jaxon

  8. Hi,
    My name is Joylene I am Maddison's mother. I like your koala.
    From Joylene.

  9. Dear Gal,
    Is your koala named Joey? I think you have four food groups. I like those oranges.
    What are gold fish crackers? Your koala looks cute!
    Best wishes Maddison.