Thursday, May 6, 2010

America: Richie's Lunch

¡Buenos dias!  My name is Richie and this is my delicious lunch. In my lunch, I have a yummy chicken sandwich on toasted wheat bread, juicy apples, and a bottled water.

Do you ever have a sandwich on toasted bread?
Do you have any questions about my lunch?


  1. Dear Richie,

    I have a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich.I have it hot.

    Do you have your toasted sandwich cold?


  2. Dear Richie,

    Your lunch looks really good. It looks really good because the ham sandwich is our favorite type of sandwich. What is your favorite type of sandwich? What kind of sauce do you like on your sandwich, or do you not like any sauce on your sandwich?

    Nick and Sydney

  3. Dear Richie,

    I am a big fan of ham and cheese too! My favorite kind is Swiss cheese with ham. Your idea of toasting the bread is a good one. As much as I like toasted bread sandwiches, I don't often remember to use the toaster. Maybe I will now!

    Do you always toast your sandwiches?

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Yollis

  4. Dear Richie,

    I think that your lunch is very healthy. You have one of my favorite things, a sandwich! Yours sandwich looks delicious. What was in your sandwich? Did you enjoy it?

    Aaliyah :)