Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mrs. Yollis: Our Classroom!

Our Classroom on PhotoPeach

Do you have any questions about our classroom?

How is our room similar to yours?  How is it different?


  1. Dear Mrs Yollis class,

    I really liked the video it was so nice.
    I really liked the panda!
    Why did you get it and whats it for?
    I hope we can make something nice!
    What is an alphasmart?
    Do you have computers?
    I like the idea of how many comments you have down the bottom of your computer!
    Is it hot or cold in California?
    From your blogging buddy
    Rhiannon ( 2KM )

  2. Mrs Yollis

    The visitor chart looks great.Where do you get the number thing at the bottom of the visitor chart because Miss McGeaady would like one.The visitor chart looks great Miss McGeady said.I thought it looked great as well.We have our announcements inside our classroom or at assembly,we sometimes have annoucements outside.For maths we don't use foot or inches.We use centermeters and meters.We wish we had a big rug like yours because we could do maths on the mat.sometimes I make paper airoplanes exept we make little ones.

    from Lachlan

  3. Dear Mrs Yollis and class

    You did a fantastic post. I have some questions for you. Whose the book by? What's the book about? Is the book interesting? We don't have textbooks. We don't hang our bags outside.

    From Bianca.

  4. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    The video is awesome. Where did you get the rug from? What do you do on the rug? What do you use the panda for? We start school at 9am and you start school at 8.15am. We finish school at 3.30pm and you finish at 2.30pm. Is it hot in California?
    From Zoe.

  5. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    Your post was awesome and your video was too.

    What are AlphaSmarts? Where did you get them from? The AlphaSmarts have a very small screen. It was a good idea to practice on your AlphaSmarts everyday.

    We don't put our bags outside like you do, we put them in the classroom. We are not allowed outside during class time.

    We have made paper aeroplanes before too.

    We start school at 9am and finish at 3.30pm. What time do you finish school?
    We have free time on Friday's and we call it (fun) Friday.

    Your pal,


  6. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,

    What a great video of your classroom!!!!
    Where did you get the rug from? I really like it!
    That book looks good!! Did you like it?

    The panda looks cute! We have something like that except it is a magnifying glass and we put what we are focousing on, or what our goal is this week.

    Once again awesome video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep blogging,
    Sophie ;)

  7. Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,
    I was thrilled to discover this video on your class blog! When I last taught, it was in a fourth grade classroom which looked very much like yours. We began school at 8:15 and the day ended at 3:00. We did not have pegs outside for backpacks so they had to be stored in the classroom which took up a lot of space! We also did not have seat sacks which I think are a great idea. We always said the Pledge of Allegiance and took attendance and lunch count the same as you, except you are very fortunate to have the choices you do for lunch. My students could bring lunch from home or buy the daily lunch. There were no other options. We also sat in groups of four and worked on the carpet for projects or silent reading. If we were working on written reports the students would type the final copies in the computer lab as the they did not have individual AlphaSmarts. You are very lucky! I am sorry to report that we did not do a classroom blog. I loved your "Does that make sense?" sign. We used to ask that about our answers to math questions to help us see if we were on the right track. I love the look of your classroom. It is bright, comfortable and cheery, and it is the kind of classroom I really like. Do you all work together to keep it so tidy, or do you have individual jobs that you do for a time and then rotate? Thank you for sharing your day.
    Marsha Cooke
    (Kendall's grandmother)

  8. Dear Mrs yollis,
    your class is great!.Those alpha smart are cool as!They sort of look like laptops but with out a top on it.

    From Clancy

  9. Dear Mrs Yollis,
    Your classroom is great.
    I really like the alpha smarts!
    Your rug looks really cool.
    I hope we get to skype!!!
    You friend,
    Rhiannon (2KM)

  10. @ Rhiannon,

    To answer your question, "Do you have computers?", yes we have three computers. Sadly one broke down, and we thought we could study the computer. Mrs. Yollis didn't approve because we didn't have the right equipment. Luckily, we have a sub computer.

    Your friend,

  11. @ Rhiannon,

    Thanks for the comment on this post about our classroom. In California, we have hot weather and cold weather, but sometimes in the winter we get really hot weather like in the 80s or some 90s. In summer, we have really hot weather like in the 90s or 100s!

    @ Bianca,

    Thanks for the comment on this post. The book is by Julie Andrews, and she played Mary Poppins in the movie. Did you know that?


  12. Dear Zoe,

    You asked what we use Panda for. Panda is our mascot. We use Panda for good advice. For example, Panda always says "Actions speak louder than words." That means that what you do is more important than what you say you're going to do. A lot of people talk about what they're going to do. But what matters, is if you DO what you say.


    Mrs. Yollis' student

  13. @Grammy,

    Thank you for your comment on Collaboration Corner! I really appreciate it.

    All of us in the room work together to keep our room clean. For example, if the floor has little pieces of scraps on the floor, all of us pick some of it up.

    We also have classroom jobs like library monitor, or calendar monitor. Paul and I are library monitors. We take books to the library so they can be returned, and we sometimes organize our class library. Kayla is the calendar monitor. She changes the date on the white board, and changes the month on the calendar.

    What is your favorite part about our classroom?


  14. Dear Rhiannon,

    We have Panda because it is our class mascot and he tells us words of wisdom. We have the Alphasmarts to learn how to type. Yes, we do have computers. In fact, we have three. It is very hot in California just like Australia.


  15. @ Zoe,

    You asked what our class did on the rug, and we will read books, look at diagrams, and give directions.

    Another thing you asked about is if it is hot in California. In the summer, yes, but in the winter it can become very cold.


  16. Dear 2km,

    Your post was great! Panda gives us tips like a friend. Also when first I saw the alpha smarts, I thought they were computers. They have typing tutorials on them and we can write stories. However, they do not connect to the Internet.


  17. @ Ashleigh,

    You asked "What time does your school end?" Our school ends at 2:20. Some students like me still stay until 2:50 for older siblings and stay in the library, but others stay outside playing which is what I do.


  18. Dear Ashleigh,

    AlphaSmarts help you learn how to type. You can up load what you typed. For example, we typed an animal report and uploaded them to our class computers.

    We finish school at 2:20 P.M.


  19. @ Zoe,

    To answer your question, "What do you use Panda for?" We actually don't use it, we just keep it because Panda is our class mascot. Our school mascot is "Corky" who is a coyote cub. Sometimes he helps us with his words of wisdom, just in case we forget something.

    Your friend,

  20. Dear Mrs. Cooke,

    You asked if we work together to keep it tidy or if we rotate. We work together, but Paul and Kendall both work at our library in the class.



  21. @ Ashleigh,

    You asked what alphasmarts are. Alphasmarts are mini computers that are made to help you type. Also, we got a grant and Mrs. Yollis bought them. You also asked what time we get out of school. We get out of school at 2:20.


  22. Dear Bianca,

    You asked some great questions. You asked who the book is by. It is by Julie Edwards. She was Mary Poppins in the old movie. The book is about three kids and a professor go to a magical land called Whangdoodleland. You also asked is it interesting, it is.


  23. Zoe,

    You asked about the rug. I do not know where she got the rug from, but I know what we do on the rug. Mrs. Yollis reads a book called the Wangedoddle, and sometimes we work there.

    Another thing you asked about was the weather. Sometimes it is hot here sometimes it is cold but it is mostly mild.

    Panda, writes letters, like actions speak louder than words so he teaches us a lesson.

    Kate :-)

  24. @ Ashleigh,

    Thanks for a great comment!

    You asked what AlphaSmarts are, and they are like computers, but you can't go on the Internet or play games. You just learn how to type, and I already finished the whole thing! There are files in the AlphaSmarts that you can type stories in.

    You also asked when we end school, and we end school at 2:21, but on Wednesdays, we end at 1:05. The fourth and fifth graders end at 2:51.

    ~Mrs. Yollis' student~

  25. Dear Rhiannon,

    I really want to answer all your questions. You asked what's an alphasmart. An alphasmart is like a commuter and it has files so you can keep different stories. Also it can help you type.

    You, also asked about Panda. Panda is here to help us get reminders, and he's very funny!

    Another question you asked was, do you have commuters? The answer is yes, we have three commuters, and sometimes we use Mrs. Yollis' two laptops.

    The last question you asked was, is it hot or cold in California? Well, it has been on and off. One day it's cold then the next day is hot.

    I hope I answered all your questions.


    Scarlet ( Mrs. Yollis' student )

  26. Dear Mrs Yollis' class
    A lot of you seemed to be interested in our classroom raffle. You can get tickets by using your initiative (doing something without being asked), doing really good work, working quietly or if you win a game. The raffle is drawn at the end of each day and students can win stickers, badges, football cards and small toys.
    From Cam

  27. Dear Mrs Yollis and class
    We put our lunch order in a basket which then goes to the canteen in the morning. A student collects any lunch orders at lunch time from the canteen. We can order things like hot dogs (only on Wednesday), sandwiches, nachos, dino nuggets (chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs), icy poles, choc chip muffins and gingerbread men. Most of the food is healthy.
    From Ronan

  28. Dear Scarlet,
    Thankyou for your wonderful comment about Your classroom I can find something diffrent about your classroom we don`t have a Seat Stack. But I have a koala. do you have drink bottles on your table?
    I wish I was in your classroom

    From Bianca.
    PS I just love your class room

  29. Dear Mrs Yollis,
    I love your classroom it looks great.
    What is the Panda for?
    Have you got a ipod?
    I also think you a wondering how to get raffle tickets. You have to do something good or do something that the teacher dident tell you what to do.

    Rhiannon (2KM)

  30. @ Rhiannon

    You asked what the panda is for. The panda is our classroom mascot. Panda gives us useful information or reminds us of things Mrs. Yollis has taught us. Also, you asked if we have ipods in the room. We don't have ipods. :-(


  31. @ Zoe,

    You asked the question, "What do you do on the rug"? We do many different things on our rug, and I'm going to share a couple of the things we do.

    Mrs. Yollis reads us Whangdoodles , or sometimes she reads us picture book. If we are working on a project, Mrs. Yollis demonstrates how to do it correctly.

    Yours truly,