Sunday, June 6, 2010

2KM: Our Specialist Classrooms

Our school year is broken up into four terms...

This year it goes something like this:

Term One - Feb to March (8 weeks)
2 weeks holiday
Term Two - April to June (11 weeks)
2 weeks holiday
Term Three - July to September (10 weeks)
2 weeks holiday
Term Four - October to December (11 weeks)
6 weeks holiday

All students have four terms of P.E. (Physical Education) two terms of Art, two terms of Indonesian, two terms of ICT and two terms of Music.

We have a library but Miss McGeady takes us there. Mrs Kilfoyle works in the library but she is not a teacher.

Check out our VoiceThread to find out more about where we have our specialist classes...

Do you have any questions about our specialist classes? Leave us a comment!


  1. Dear Miss McGeady and class,

    I thought the specialist classrooms looked really fun especially the gymnasium. The gymnasium looked really fun because it had a really big basketball court, and you can play many sports on it.


    (Mrs. Yollis' student)

  2. Dear Mrs. McGeady,

    I loved your school post! My favorite place is the library. I think that your library looks like ours. What do you think?


  3. Dear 2KM,

    I really like your P.E. room. Do the boys play basketball and the girls play volleyball, or do they just play all together?


    Mrs. Yollis' class

  4. Dear Mrs. MCGeady and class,

    I wish I could come and visit. I liked the gymnasium the most. What is your favorite part about your your school? I think that your school is amazing!

    Aaliyah :)

  5. Dear Miss McGeady and students,

    I thought the specialist classrooms looked really fun, even the gymnasium! In my old school we had a gymnasium but bigger than that basketball court. Do you have any athlete competitions? Do you have a mascot for your blog?

    Jollene :)

  6. Dear 2KM,

    I'm wondering, is the library broken into sections, or is it just in order by author?

    Also, how long is your gym and is it new or old? It looks like a fun place to roller skate on.

    What is the most common art that you do in the art room?


  7. Dear 2KM,

    I love your specialist classrooms. I reckon that your ICT room has a lot of computers, and your gymnasium is enormous. How many computers are there? About how many books are in the library?


    Ava (from Mrs. Yollis' class)

  8. Dear 2KM and class,

    I think your gym is huge! Art is my favorite subject and I think the art room looks fun to do art projects in. Also, the computer room seems like a nice and organized place. Our computers are the same, nice and organized. I fact, I am on one right now!

    What is the most common game people play on the computers?

    Best wishes,
    Scarlet ( Mrs. Yollis student )

  9. Dear Mrs. McGeady and class,

    I think that your school library is beautiful! What do you like about your school library? We have over 16,000 books in our library! About how many books are in your school library? What do you like to do when you're in the library?

    Aaliyah :)

  10. Dear 2KM,

    Your computer lab looks really fun and must be fun! How many computers are in your lab? What type of computers are in your lab? How many games are there in the lab on every computer? What is your favorite game on the computers?


  11. Dear Mrs. McGeady and class,

    I love how neat your library is. How many books are in your library?

    You are so lucky because you have do work in the IT room, and when you are done you get to do WHATEVER YOU WANT!

    Yours truly,
    Kate :-)

  12. Dear Mrs. McGeady and class,

    Your gym is huge and long. What do you usually do there? Do guys have squads? Our P.E. teacher puts us in squads, or groups.

    You also have a wonderful lart room. Why do you have to speak Indonesian? Do you have lots of Indonesian people in Australia? What is your favorite Indonesian word and why?


  13. Dear 2KM,

    Great video! Your school looks awesome! The gym looks really fun. When we go to P.E. my school does it outside. Do you guys know how many books you have in your library?

    (A student in Mrs. Yollis's class)

  14. Dear 2KM,

    I really like your art room. Art lets people express themselves and I do art all the time! I also want to know why your class is so interested in Indonesian culture. The gym looks huge! Do you play basketball in your gym? We have outdoor P.E. on the grass.


  15. Dear 2km,

    Does the GYM have basketball competitions and tournaments?

    Can you go on different websites after you are done learning in the IT lab? We get to go on Mrs. Yollis' website and play games. She has math games, and lots of people like to play them.


    P.S. I can't wait for the Skype call and I published this comment in the computer lab.

  16. Dear Miss McGeady,

    I reckon your P.E. gym is big. Our P.E teacher is Mr. Walpole. I did not quite hear what your P.E teacher's name was. What was it?

    How many computers are in your lab? In our lab we have 35 computers. Our lab teacher is Miss Laura.

    Mrs. Yollis' student

  17. Dear everyone!

    Thank you for your great comments!

    Here are some answers.

    I agree that our library does have some similarities to your library. Our books are divided up into sections like yours (fiction, non-fiction etc).

    Did you know, you are lucky to have a teacher-librarian like Mrs Madnick! I have heard that only about 10% schools here in Australia have a teacher-librarian.

    Our P.E. teacher is called Mr Dew. Boys and girls do sport together. Do they do it separately at your school? We don’t do much athletics until we are in Grade 3. Then we can join teams and participate in the athletic carnival and cross-country.

    I think there are about 30 computers in our IT lab. You can look here to find some games that are popular with the 2KM students Our school has PCs. I believe you have Macs.

    A lot of schools in Australia learn Indonesian. I think it is because Indonesia is one of our closest neighbours. Did you know I actually trained as an Indonesian teacher! Saya berbahasa Indonesia tapi saya lupa banyak! (I speak Indonesian but I have forgotten a fair bit!)

    I hope that answers some of your questions!
    From your buddy,

    Miss McGeady

    PS – when Mrs Kilfoyle who works in our library is back tomorrow I will ask her how many books are in our library. It would be hard to beat your 16,000!

  18. Dear Mrs. MCGeady,

    The fact that the school year divides in to four terms with one 6 weeks holiday, makes me wonder. Do you and the students would prefer this schedule or a longer summer holiday that we have here, if you had a choice?

  19. Dear Anonymous,

    I like your question! What is your name?

    Sometimes I think I would like a longer holiday like you have in America but I also like the idea of having holidays spread out throughout the year. It means you don't have to wait too long for your next holiday (not that I don't love being at school!)

    Also, I wonder if students forget a lot of what they have learnt during their long summer?

    I wonder what others think?

  20. Dear 2KM,

    You have a really cool school. The computers are high and awesome! What is the most popular game people play?

    Scarlet (Mrs. Yollis student)