Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yollis: Our School Office

By Gal, Moraiya, Jollene, and Ben

The school office is an important place on our campus. 

Here is a glimpse in and a few interviews with the office staff.

What do you think of our office?

Do you have any questions or comments?


  1. Dear Mrs Yollisand class,
    Our office is a little bit different to yours.
    What do you do in your office?
    Your teachers look like there nice.
    From Rhiannon.

  2. Dear Gal, Moraiya, Jollene and Ben,

    Your school office looks very interesting.]

    I loved the video!

    I could not here their names can you tell me?


  3. Dear Gal, Moraiya, Jollene, and Ben,
    I really enjoyed watching your interview at the office. Job well done by all of you.
    I really love our school staff and it has always been a pleasure walking into the office, every time I go in there to sign in.
    Mrs. Welti and Mrs. Ching have always been helpful and attentive to parents as well as students and teachers. Mrs. Skillin has taken such good care of our kids throughout the years and she has always been there for them, when they were in need of medical attention. Mrs. Harding has worked hard to improve the school for all of us.
    So, isn't it a great idea to go to the office before we head home, and thank them because they have put their heart and soul into their work, for our school?

    Soosan(Ava's mom)

  4. Dear Gal, Moraiya, Jollene and Ben,
    Those were very interesting and funny interviews! I learned several new things. I also found out that your school office is much neater than my own office! Who else would you like to interview and what would you ask them?
    Linda (Ben's Mom)

  5. Dear Gal, Moraiya, Jollene and Ben,

    Thank you for making such an informative video. I loved finding out more about your office!

    It was nice to meet Mrs Harding. Am I correct that Mrs Harding once lived in Australia? I remember her writing a comment on the 2KM blog once that might have mentioned that?

    I found it interesting that you have a school nurse. We do not have a nurse. Katrina, who works at our front office, or teachers just help out students who visit the sick bay.

    Did you say you had 599 students at your school? I believe there are 700 students at Leopold Primary School. They are both large schools.

    What a great video, well done!

    Your friend,
    Miss McGeady

  6. Dear Gal, Moraiya, Jollene and Ben,

    Great job of interviewing so many of the friendly, familiar faces in the school's office. It's a shame the school year is over because it would have been fun (and informative) to see you do this type of thing all year.

    Maybe in fourth grade you can put together a regular news show like "60 Minutes" (but it can be shorter than that!) and create stories about what goes on at school.

    Well done!


    Eric (Ben's Dad)

  7. @ Ashleigh,

    You asked what the people who work in the office's names were. Their names are Mrs. Welti, Mrs. Ching, Mrs. Menchel, Mrs. Harding, and Mrs. Skillin.


  8. Dear Ben,

    The most common injuries that I have are bloody noses. The least injuries that I have is a high fever.

    Hope I'm in your class next year.

    Kate :-)

  9. Dear Mrs Yollis and class,
    you have a interesting office. I have a question for you do you have a staff room? Maybe we should get a school nurse :) Thank you for giving 2KM a tour around your school office
    Your friend Bianca.
    PS do you have a sick bay?

  10. @ Jaxon, thank you for the comment... most short but thank you