Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Holidays Mrs Yollis' Class!

2KM wanted to send Mrs Yollis' class a final farewell message. They have been amazing blogging buddies and we have learnt so much from them! Check out our message...

Poem by By Karl and Joanna Fuchs


What has been your favourite part of our collaboration?

What are you doing for the holidays?


  1. Dear Mrs. McGeady and 2KM,

    What a lovely farewell poem! All of you are just terrific! :-)

    We were talking about Australia a lot today because we watched your fabulous commercial AND one of my former students (who is now 23 years old!) came to visit and told us about the wonderful time she had living in Australia. She lived for a year in Melbourne, and even knew about Geelong! She left a message on your 2KM blog!

    It is hard for me to pick a favorite part of this collaboration. I have truly loved every moment of it. It was great to get a glimpse into your classroom and learn about your day. I loved talking about healthy foods, being introduced to new foods, and even seeing family gardens. (How is that going, by the way?) But best of all, I loved meeting all of you through Skype! I will never forget that precious time!

    I have many plans for the summer break. My husband and I are going to Minnesota for a family vacation. It will be fun to lay on the dock and jump in the refreshing water of Pelican Lake!

    In July, I have very exciting plans. I applied to be a part of Google's Geo Teachers Institute, and I just found out today that I got accepted! I will be learning how to incorporate Google Earth, Google Maps, and Sketchup into the classroom. Should be very exciting!

    I'm not going to say goodbye because I know I will keep following your progress and leaving comments!

    I treasure our friendship and will keep in touch!

    Your pal,
    Mrs. Yollis

  2. Dear 2KM,

    Thank you for the poem. I appreciate it. My favorite part of our collaboration was Skyping with all of you. It was fun to see all of you and to hear your voices.

    This summer I will be going to Las Vegas, New York, and Philadelphia. The second half I will go to surf camp. Does anyone in 2KM know how to surf?

    Thank you for your friendship and all of the fun times. I hope to meet some of you some day.

    Your friend.

  3. Dear Mrs. McGeady and 2KM,

    Thank you for the message. That was very kind and thoughtful of you all. This summer I plan on spending time in San Diego with my family, going to camp, swimming and playing in a basketball league. My favorite part of Collaboration Corner was sharing our lunches. My mom also said she enjoyed your friendship and learning together.

    Goodbye to all!



  4. Dear 2KM,

    I enjoyed your poem very much. Our family thanks you for sharing your culture with us. I look forward to the day that my boys get to visit Australia, I know they will love it just as much my husband and I did on our honeymoon!

    We are so happy to be going on summer break, we are looking forward to spending our days rejuvenating from the hectic school year. We wish you the best of success with your wonderful blogging!

    Take care,

    Annette (Trent's Mom)

  5. @ Mrs Yollis, I will be thinking of you relaxing by the lake in Minnesota while we rug up and try to stay warm here throughout winter.

    Congratulations on being accepted into Google's Geo Teachers Institute! That is amazing. I can't wait for you to tell me all your great new ideas.

    @ Jaxon, what a fantastic holiday you have planned. I have not surfed before but I know many people who love surfing. I'm wondering if many American students go to a summer camp? I have seen it on tv but I'm not sure if it actually happens.

    @ Ethan, have a great time in San Diego! I loved sharing our lunches too. Say hi to your mum for me!

    @ Annette, I hope your boys get to visit Australia one day too. They will love it! Happy relaxing!

    Miss McGeady

  6. Dear Miss McGeady & Mc2KM,
    We enjoyed your poem. It was an amazing year for Jared. He was always so excited on the days he would Skype with your class. He now wants to visit you.
    Thank you,
    Dora (Jared's mom)

  7. Dear 2KM,
    Your poem was well written. We loved it. It has wonerful expcerience for Paul to skype with your class. He can't wait to skype with you again when the schools starts in Sep.

    Jade (Paul's mom)

  8. @ Jade,

    thanks for the comment we didn't want you to cry if you did.

    How can we skype in September if your kids are going to grade four?

    Bye for now,