Thursday, February 25, 2010

2KM's Lunchtime

2KM would like to tell you more about their lunchtime...

Everyday at 1:30pm the students in 2KM eat their lunch inside our classroom.
We sit in a circle like this to eat our lunch...


Most people bring lunches from home in their lunchboxes. There are usually one or two students each day who buy their lunch from the school canteen. You have to order your lunch in the morning by writing your order on a paper bag. At 1:30 monitors from each grade walk over to the canteen to collect the lunch orders.

Here is our school canteen.

In our state there is a rule that school canteens cannot sell lollies, chocolate, soft drinks and other junk food any more. The state government is trying to get people to make healthy choices.

Popular foods at the canteen are salad rolls, homemade pizza, nachos, homemade meat pies and sausage rolls.


At 1:40pm we go outside to play. Our school is very big but the most popular places for students in Grades One and Two to play are this playground and oval. We like to play footy (AFL) and cricket on the oval. The grass is a bit dry because Australia is in a drought (that means there is not enough rain).

What is your favourite thing to eat for lunch?

Where do you like to play at lunchtime?

Do you have any questions about 2KM's lunchtime?


  1. Dear 2KM,

    Our class was wondering, what is a canteen? We think it is the same thing as a cafeteria where you pick up your lunch. Is it?

    Do you have any foods that you serve everyday?

    Caleb and Nick

  2. Dear Caleb and Nick,

    Thanks for a great question. A canteen is the same thing as a cafeteria but instead of just walking up and choosing your food you have to pre-order it in the morning and the canteen lady, Jenny, will make it for you for lunch time.

    You also can't sit at the canteen to eat like you may be able to do at a cafeteria.

    I will email our canteen menu to Mrs Yollis so she can show you what you can order.

    You can't get food without ordering it except for a few small snacks and icy-poles etc (you might call icy-poles, popsicles??)

    Miss McGeady

  3. Dear Miss McGeady,

    My school and I eat our lunches outside. We have a play area like you do, but we have two small fields.

    Some people in my school buy lunch every day.