Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Lunchtime!

2KM was wondering about our lunch area and the hot lunch items.

For the first 20 minutes of lunch, the older students play while the younger students have lunch. 
Then they switch.


First, students choose milk or chocolate milk. 
Which seems the healthier choice?


Today's hot lunch was pizza and an apple.


Each pizza slice is individually wrapped. 


On Tuesdays and Thursdays, some students purchase a salad.


Everyone sits under the awning and eats.


Some students eat AND devour Greek history!


Students can purchase apple juice, orange juice, or bottled water.
What do you think of the lunch procedures?
 Would you like to buy a lunch, or would you prefer to bring your own lunch?


  1. Hello from Belfast, Northern Ireland.
    I'm a teacher of children aged 5 and 6, and so pleased to see this wonderful site dedicated to your links with another class from a different country! What a fantastic idea! It's so good to see the photos and contrast how your schools do things, I'd love to do something like this with my own class next year.
    Best wishes for this collaboration! I hope you get lots of visitors!

  2. Dear Carly,

    It is great to get an Irish visitor! Maybe your children would like to leave a comment and tell us whether Irish food is similar or different to Australian/American food.
    You should definitely use this idea next year. The children are loving it!

    Look forward to hearing from you again,

    Kathleen McGeady

  3. Dear Mrs Yollis' class,

    We loved reading about your lunchtime! It is very different to ours! Here are some things we noticed...

    - you eat your lunch outside and we eat our lunch in our classroom.
    - you have about 20 minutes to play and 20 minutes to eat. We have 10 minutes to eat then 50 minutes to play.
    - we have a menu for our canteen and you have to order your lunch before school. Your class just chooses the lunch that is offered on that day (we think).
    - your pizza slices are SO big! Ours are much smaller.
    - we think your salads have a lot of meat and dressing and not many vegies. Our salads have lots of vegies and just a little bit of meat/dressing.

    Keep up your great posts. We are learning so much!

    From your friends,

    P.S. we all thought plain milk would be a better choice than chocolate milk!

  4. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

    I had a lot of fun eating the delicious salad and learning about Greek mythology! Also, I agree with Miss McGeady that plain milk is better than chocolate milk. One, it is more healthy. Two, I don't even like chocolate milk.

    Great post,

  5. Dear Miss McGeady,

    I was one of the people who was learning about Greek Mythology. I loved learning about it. I would rather eat for 10 minutes and play for 50 minutes, just like your class. On rainy days, my class eats in the library. We can read or talk to our friends when we're done eating.

    (In Mrs. Yollis' Class)

  6. Dear Miss McGeady's Class,

    What an interesting blog topic! We used to live in the Washington, DC area before we moved to Southern California. Over there, students eat inside in a cafeteria and then go outside to recess. They can purchase hot lunch or bring their own. When we moved to California, it was interesting for my boys to be eating outside all the time - they got used to it quickly! There isn't as much weather here in Southern California, so we can do more things outside.


    Mrs. Scott
    (Charlie's Mom - Mrs. Yollis' class)