Thursday, March 25, 2010

Australia: Zoe's Lunch

Here is Zoe from 2KM talking about her lunch. She has a wholemeal sandwich with ham, cheese and sauce, some cherry tomatoes and some fruit salad.

Do you like the sound of Zoe's lunch? Leave a comment and let her know!


  1. Dear Zoe,

    Do you know that tomatoes are actually a fruit and cherry tomatoes are one of my favourite fruits! I have always wanted to learn how to grow them as I am not much of a gardener.

    I hope you enjoy eating your lunch!

    From your teacher,
    Miss McGeady

  2. Dear Zoe,
    you have a veary healthy lunch.
    Cherry tomatoes are yummy. Your fruit saled looks nice. Did you know holegraen bread is healther then white bread.
    your friend Rhiannon.

  3. Dear Zoe,
    you have a veary healthy lunch.
    your fruit saled looks good.
    Love Alina.